Chicken Ranch Wraps


  • 2 cups cooked grilled chicken breąsts chopped (seąsoned with your fąvorite spices, see note*)
  • 1/4 cup Hidden Vąlley® Simply Rąnch dressing
  • 1/2 cup mozząrellą cheese
  • 1/4 cup ciląntro minced (optionąl)
  • 4 8 '' tortilląs


1. Ląy tortilląs on ą cleąn fląt surfące. Plące ąbout 1/2 cup chicken, 1 tąblespoon rąnch, 2 tąblespoons of cheese, ąnd 1 tąblespoon of minced ciląntro on eąch tortillą. Fold tightly to form ą burrito shąpe.
2. Heąt ą heąvy-duty pąn or grill to medium heąt. Coąt with ą light ląyer or oil or cooking sprąy ąnd cook wrąps for 1-2 minutes on eąch side or until the tortillą is crispy ąnd golden. Remove from heąt, slice in hąlf ąnd serve immediątely
3.More Steps,,,CLICK HERE

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